Love Yourself More

A HUGE change is on the horizon for me. Each day, a little more comes to me and helps to guide me toward what I need/want to do. I don’t have a huge… Continue reading

2016, I’m Ready.

The new year is upon us and we can already hear the hollow promises of people who claim to want better and do these amazing things (lose weight, quit smoking, *insert other random… Continue reading

Dear Creepy Adults

I could list the reasons I don’t take time to blog often, but those are irrelevant anyhow. Today I had to write because, if not, the rage bees would consume me and I… Continue reading

Valentine’s Love Tree!

So… this really adorable author, Ema Volf, is having a giveaway! You can check that out here: In order to be put in the hat for the adorably amazing prize, one must… Continue reading

99¢ SALE … AND Signed Paperbacks! :)

So… for a few more days, I’m selling ALL of my Kindle books for just 99¢! Buy Links: Bluffing the Devil (paranormal – angels/demons) ~ Truth Seeker (vampire) ~ Heart of War… Continue reading

Maggie Shayne (OMG YAY!) Wings in the Night Reborn Celebration and an INTERVIEW!!

I don’t know if you guys know this but… I am an AVID reader. One year, I read 175 books (one for each night of sleep I didn’t have. Totally worth it. ZERO… Continue reading

Imprint Series Cast & Teasers! (Yay Release Day!!) – PIC HEAVY!

So, today, Book 2 in my Imprint Series released! YAY!         Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Smashwords ~ Createspace (Paperbacks) Book 1 is also available, if you haven’t read it yet ~ Grip of… Continue reading

Delicious Geekery (NOMZ!)

So… I’m in a group on Facebook called Dworc Nation. And… its truly a group for people of all fandoms to just nerd out whenever they wanna…. And yeah, I nerd out often… Continue reading

Things I Learned on my Road Trip to MO :)

Things I learned on my road trip to Missouri (and back) 1 ~ My kiddo is an awesome wingman/sidekick and knows lyrics to awesome songs from every decade that I know them from… Continue reading


This is a touch long, but… I had to vent ❤ Maybe it will help or inspire someone… either way it goes, it made ME feel better, so… win. You know, I am… Continue reading