Reality Bites is LIVE!!

The newest anthology I am featured in, Reality Bites, is available now! YAY!!  How gorgeous is our cover? 🙂 Dark Dawn Creations makes me happy inside with this!!! Synopsis: Death. Domestic abuse. Ritual… Continue reading

W.I.P. It GOOD! Oh… WIP Blog Hop! :)

*disclaimer* I have had this blog for 14 months and this is only the 3rd time I’ve used it.. Yikes! Since I was invited to do this awesome Blog Hop, perhaps I can… Continue reading

Stranger in a Strange Land..?

I feel a change in the wind… not sure what it is… but… something major is coming in my life. I can feel it! *SQUEE* lol I hope eventually I will have something… Continue reading

Hello world!

I don’t think I’m interesting enough (right now) to have or keep a blog, but… I will start one to support those that I adore and see what happens… no promises that I… Continue reading