2016, I’m Ready.


The new year is upon us and we can already hear the hollow promises of people who claim to want better and do these amazing things (lose weight, quit smoking, *insert other random bs here*). Before the second month rolls around, they’ve gone back to their easy, typical pattern that they’ve grown to accept. A comfortable misery, if you will. Though, some aren’t technically “miserable” per se, they want better, but aren’t truly willing to change to get the things they seek.


Look, its great to workout, eat healthier, etc. I know. Been there, still working on that slowly, but I do it all the time, not just in January. Its a journey that takes consistent effort like any other great thing. If you want it, do it. Period. You are super capable and freakin’ amazing. You got this.


For this brand new year, I decided something else for myself.  I’m not making ridiculous goals or attempting to become a rocket scientist (though science is amazing), but I AM deciding how my days start, how my months progress, and how my year turns out. I’m taking my days as they come and making them what I WANT them to be. They will not just be about “whatever happens. I’m controlling them. I have been for some time now. YES, bad days will happen. How I react to those bad days and what I do with those negative moments are going to be the lessons. I’m a great student. I will learn quickly and continue to smile and see the good in all situations.

let your year

I will continue to rise. I will do more, be more, smile more. I will love harder, smarter, and with purpose. I will not allow things to hurt me or cause me harm without fixing them (asap). I will do what makes me happiest, even if others don’t necessarily agree with it – its my life and my peace depends on what *I* see as joy. I matter, too. This year will be amazing. I’ve decided.


Its difficult to say that you will do something for you. People hear that and immediately think “selfish” or some other negative thing, but if you don’t take care of you, no one else can or will. Your peace, joy, love, and everything else has to begin with you. They really do.  You can’t look to other people to do something that you aren’t willing to do for yourself. You can’t base your happiness off of your children, significant other, money, job, etc. It has to be authentic and from within.


You have to take care of yourself first. If you don’t take care of you first.. who will be there for those you hold dear? After you’ve worn yourself out, stressed over little things so bad that you’re on edge, stretched yourself thin, given every dime you have, etc…. then who’s going to do it? You will still try. I know you. I’m just like you. You have to learn to say “no” and you have to grasp that it’s okay to do something for you. In fact, you SHOULD. No one else can. Make sure to take time for you. Everything around you will prosper from it. I promise you.



I plan to stick to the paths I’ve already started and I refuse to be scared to cultivate new ones. Success isn’t a dollar sign or any other thing – though, yes, earning a living doing what you love is a beautiful thing – success is truly  about how happy you are doing something. If you’re miserable and rich, you’re not doing it right. If you’re poor and happy, (in my opinion) you’re still winning. Life is in the little moments and achievements.


So… what I’m trying to say is – keep doing what you are doing that’s working. If you see something that needs tweaked, do it. For you. 2016 is here. Be badass at everything you do. Don’t be scared to offend someone with your changes or lack thereof. Do it FOR YOU. Its okay to do that. It really is. You’re amazing and your life doesn’t need to revolve around anyone else. Unless that someone is you ♥