Things I Learned on my Road Trip to MO :)

Things I learned on my road trip to Missouri (and back)

1 ~ My kiddo is an awesome wingman/sidekick and knows lyrics to awesome songs from every decade that I know them from (and he takes cool pics while I drive!)
With that – singing Since You Been Gone is always better if you sing at the top of your lungs and in the style of Pitch Perfect. Seriously. Try it. Way better.
Also, if you’re changing the CD and your kiddo continues to sing Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors (background) so you can rock out the melody…raise their allowance for being awesome. We are a hell of a team.


Sunrise in St. Louis was behind us, but he still go it. LOL

2 ~ Leslie is crazy on a jetski (and in life) and I absolutely love her to pieces! I knew that prior to being in her presence, but… yeah. I like confirmation. She’s a keeper ❤ And I snuggled her a few times, but not nearly enough. Need MOAR snuggles!


We didn’t take NEARLY enough pics together! >.<

3 ~Sunsets and sunrises are more beautiful by water

With that – I am most calm and at peace (mentally/physically) near water. I knew that, but am happy about the true acknowledgement 🙂 Now.. about making that my daily life. *game face*


Come on. You can HEAR the angels singing … lol

4 ~ 3am on a long stretch of interstate helps fill plot holes… okay ToB, momma will fix you!
With that – I figured out the issue with my serial killer story. Mwahah!
AND… great ideas are within the fog. Dang you shiny stories!! >.<


This was in a rest area in Indiana… with a pic of Abe Lincoln beside it… and man I really wanted to go down there, but… it sparked an idea… DANG IT! lol

5 ~ Without internet and work, I actually sleep. Go figure. Also, I have 95% less stress/frustration/grouchiness.


Coziness at the condo ❤

6 ~ (sort of with #5…) I tolerate WAY too much negativity and nastiness from people. It has gotten to the point that it physically affects me. That will have to stop. Starting now. I’ve decided that people who don’t counsel their tongues or negativity around me, won’t be allowed to project that near me. I am choosing ME from now on. You can call it “selfish” or whatever you want, but no matter how well I treat others in hopes they will give it back, it doesn’t stick, so… when you’re nasty/negative to me, I’m giving it back with a delete/block/ignore. As fast as I can. I don’t need that in my life. If you love me, you will agree and work on it. Either jump in the boat and mesh well with my positive mental state, or get your own damned boat. I’m done with yuck. Period.


This bird doesn’t care who is being negative. He’s flying. Me too!!

7 ~ Life is beautiful. Even if tons of things go wrong, we (ALL of us) truly have to stop just surviving the days and LIVE them. I know that getting ahead of my debts and the things that hold me back are going to be tough, but it will be totally worth it.


View from the living room. Yes, I need this in my life.

A few extra highlight piccies!


Look how epic my hair looked after traveling all night! o.O


This tea is spicy and semi okay but… helped with my travel swelling issue.. so… win. And the bottle is pretty!


This machine… how cute is it? Its like “oh hi” hehe

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I rested, enjoyed my break, and am ready to get back to work… kind of ❤