Love Yourself More

A HUGE change is on the horizon for me. Each day, a little more comes to me and helps to guide me toward what I need/want to do. I don’t have a huge “game plan” per se, but… I do know what I want and what I’m no longer will accept in my life. So, I actively have to keep trying (every day) to love myself enough to choose what I will accept and chase.

With that in mind, I decided to share a few things that are helping me to find balance and FORCE bad away from me to make room for the good that I’m calling to myself.


Every morning, when you wake up… you make a myriad of choices, each one dictates how the rest of your day will go.

What “face” you will show the world is your first choice. Sometimes you don’t decide this until you are in the shower, drinking your coffee, driving to work, etc. But… each day you choose how you feel and what you do/say to others.

Are you going to show a fake smile? Are you going to feel upset and let others know? Are you going to suck in life and reflect that peace? Its your choice. Right away, every day. And that choice is what starts how others respond to you.


You decide. What you show is what will reflect back to you. I’m not telling you to be fake, but I’m saying if you want good to come back, try (your best) to be authentic and express yourself the right way so the good you want to come back, will. If you are smiling, trying, listening, responding, and DOING life with fervor… its much easier for the other things around you to reflect that good.

Next choice is tied to the first… how will you let people effect your day? Are you going to let others bad attitudes put you in a bad mood? Or are you going to let the shadow they cast on the day make your light be brighter and more awesome?


I, of course, suggest the latter ^_^


FEEL happiness. Mean it. Like I said, you don’t have to be fake. You just need to truly love yourself and your peace enough to not let others mess it up. If you can’t reach out and snag them into your peace… understand that its okay to simply walk away. Trust me. Its hard. I KNOW. But… you cannot forever think “oh, they are having a bad day” or “I can kill them with kindness” or “well, without me, they have no one else.” Sorry, but if any of those are true, THEY have to fix it. YOU CANNOT FIX SOMEONE. You cannot make someone treat you right. You just can’t. If they are having a bad day, your happiness will either inspire them or anger them. THAT is THEIR choice. You know? And… if, without you, they have no one… what does that say about their constant choices? Right. Please just choose you. I know its hard to do. I know you want to be a good person and love everyone and help them through their bad days… its nice. But… who is being nice to you?


This goes for them as well though… how they continue to make YOU feel… says who they are, too. If someone is constantly being negative, dragging you down, nitpicking, etc… you don’t have to tolerate that. It’s okay to tell them that you don’t like it. Its also okay to no longer listen/respond/be present with them. Choose you.

Another thing to remember is:


We weren’t put here to be anyone’s scapegoat, bad day magnet, etc. There needs to be a limit to what you will and won’t put up with. And that limit needs to be set BY you because you love yourself THAT much that you aren’t willing to accept anything less than what you deserve. And you deserve peace, love, patience, balance, etc. You do. They do. We all do. But you can’t wait for someone else to do it. You have to do it. The more you MAKE it part of your life, the more others will realize that’s the new way. And if they can’t grasp that, they don’t belong in your thought process or general circle.




Absolutely THIS ^

You are worth effort. YOU need to know that. As soon as you believe that, others will either adhere to what needs to be done to keep you in their life (see: treat you properly, work on their issues, etc) or… they will be memories that will make you laugh/cry. Either way – you have to love yourself enough to not accept less than what you want and need. You deserve to have limits and boundaries. EVERYONE does. If more of us said “hey, you treat me right or f**k off” less people would be rude/nasty/negative/ugly/etc to each other.


You are here for a reason. And its not to be someone’s whipping post or other bad thing. You were created for magic and beauty. I know it. I hope you know it, too.


See yourself as you truly are. You care adorable, but inside, you are a freakin’ badass. RAWR!


And please… if nothing else… please  be strong enough to walk away from anything that cages you. Nothing GOOD makes you feel like a prisoner. You deserve balance, joy, and all of the other good things that freedom, life, love, and a beautiful life have.

Love yourself more. Its ABSOLUTELY okay to do that. If you can’t do it for yourself, no one else can do it for you.