Imprint Series Cast & Teasers! (Yay Release Day!!) – PIC HEAVY!

So, today, Book 2 in my Imprint Series released! YAY!






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Book 1 is also available, if you haven’t read it yet ~ Grip of Mortality



Earlier today, I was swooning over my characters (because… let’s face it, I love them!) And I decided that YOU guys should know them, too… SO…… Let’s meet them, shall we? 🙂

blended leopard




Audire and Dale

Audire and her mate, Dale



Bruno… thug working for Moreno




Clara… the Cortez Sisters’ mother


 Mira and Vander

It all started with Mira and Vander in Endangered! (Short story in the front of Grip of Mortality)


Moreno and Celeste



The Cortez Sister’s father, Moreno… and his wife, Celeste (witch)





Nidor and Miraj

Nidor and her mate, Miraj (book 3 ~ Essence of Vengeance)


Rozar and Shade

Rozar and her mate, Shade (book 1 ~ Grip of Mortality)


Saber and Dantez

Saber and her mate, Dantez (book 4 ~ Flavor of Salvation)



Selene… one of Celeste’s daughters.. a witch! 🙂


Severa 2

Severa… also a daughter of Celeste



Alanna… another daughter of Celeste’s



Zotom – a Calusa Tribe member and a Raven Shifter


Grip of Mortality teaser

GoM teaser


Tone of Betrayal Teasers:

Teaser 1 Teaser 2 Teaser 3 Teaser 4 Teaser 5 Teaser 6 Teaser 7 Teaser 8


Mira in leopard form:

Mira in Leopard Form



Other clouded leopards ❤ How gorgeous are they!?

diardii-1 facts-clouded-leopard Neofelis Diardi2 neofelis_nebulosa4-588x400 neofelis-nebulosa smoke



*cough* Okay… I might be done going picture crazy now… just sharing my crew with you! Hope you enjoy the Imprint Series!