Delicious Geekery (NOMZ!)

So… I’m in a group on Facebook called Dworc Nation. And… its truly a group for people of all fandoms to just nerd out whenever they wanna…. And yeah, I nerd out often (you’re more than welcome to join us by the way. There’s room for all geeks/nerds/dorks aka Dworcs).

When someone in there has a birthday (today is my co-author E.R. Rada‘s birthday!), I tend to find them a cute/nerdy cake that goes along with one of their fandoms. In doing that, I’ve found SO many and I decided to just put them all in one place ^_^

So… without further adieu or too much blathering… CAKE – almost too beautiful to eat… ALMOST!!

P.S. What fandoms did I miss? I KNOW I missed lots… comment and let me know and I’ll scavenge the net til I find YOUR fandom(s) of choice! ALSO comment and let me know what your faves are.

 HALO Dragonball Z WoW Dragon AgeWoW SerenityCoD ~ Ghosts Skyrim Skyrim ~ Dragon GoT LOTR  WoWLabyrinth TNMT WoW GoT  GoT ~ Daenerys Targaryen Hitchhikers Guide 42 Dark Hunters ~ Sherrilyn KenyonStar Wars GoT Khaleesi Harry Potter  LOTR Dorset Paintball Skylanders Super Metroid Helmet Guild Wars Hitchhikers Guide StarWars MK FATALITY SUPERHEROES Avengers Super Mario HALO Books omg ~ Literally Amazing hehe Steampunk Steampunk ZeldaPeriodic Table Super Mario World Dungeons and Dragons ~ DnD  Bahamut ~ Dungeons and Dragons Borderlands ~ Claptrap Red dragon Dragonball Z Transformers Marvel ~ Captain America Mass Effect Diablo 3 Dragon Hitchhikers Guide Star Trek Sailor Moon Books... wow. Books! Borderlands ~ Psycho Halo DnD Dragon Legend of Zelda Marvel Avengers Divergent Call of Duty Wow ~ Horde WoW ~ Alliance Wow ~ Alliance DK Pacman Super Mario Sailor Moon FF Azeroth WoW Steampunk Star Trek N7 ~ Mass Effect Creeper ~ Minecraft WoW Cactuar ~ FF Doctor Who LOKI Firefly Harry Potter Harry Potter Game of Thrones LOTR Eye of Sauron Doctor Who ~ TARDIS Doctor Who FF Castle~ Baron GoT Houses Harry Potter Harry Potter GoT Cake Dragons Final Fantasy 7 ~ Buster Sword DnD Dragon Dragon-Ball Z Final Fantasy xiii Sephiroth Guild Wars 2 ~ Towers Hogwarts WoW ~ Horde Harry Potter ~ Griffindor Final Fantasy Acheron ~ Dark Hunters ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon Lord of the RIngs MAP Mario World Skyrim Dalek EXTERMINATE Labyrinth OMFGWowCake Pac Man Lego-Cake Lego Batman Labyrinth Labyrinth Characters Doctor Who DnD Lego DRAGON Millenium Falcon Mimic cake Lord of the Rings LOTR Mortal Kombat ~ FINISH IT HIM Zelda Mario Game Theme WeddingCakeView2 Mass Effect N7 ~ Mass Effect Skyrim Hunger Games Mockingjay Catching FIre R2D2 Skyrim ~ Daedric Helmet StarWars Steampunk Harry Potter Star Trek Sherlocked Baldur's Gate Pokemon Sherlock Holmes Skyrim Zelda ~ Triforce TMNT Skyrim Dragon GORGEOUS Borderlands Poke-cake Borderlands GoT Scorpion vs Sub Zero ~ Mortal Kombat Marvel Skyrim Skyrim Helmet CoD Stormtrooper ~ Droids Harry Potter LOTR Cupcakes Hitchhikers Guide Cupcakes Doctor Who Skyrim Umbrella ~ Resident Evil MegaMan Zelda ~ Hyrule Shield Zelda Awesomeness SINISTAR Guild Wars 2 = OMG Sherlock = LOVE Mario Wedding Cake! USS Reliant Star Trek LOVE