Valentine’s Love Tree!

So… this really adorable author, Ema Volf, is having a giveaway! You can check that out here:

In order to be put in the hat for the adorably amazing prize, one must create a Valentine’s Day card or craft from scratch (with or without the help of your kiddos).

Though my kiddo supervised, I made this one on my own with about $5 and an hour or so of my time. It was super simple and I just think it’s a sweet idea.

You know, Valentine’s Day cards are to the point. One card that says it all and then your Valentine gives you candy or flowers or some other thing that you dont really need (that will either make you fat or will die)… My thought was – “what if I could grow love?”. I know that sounds silly, but… honestly, what if?? Well… I did.

I simply got some dollar store branches and some foam hearts (with sticky backs).


Then I just put the hearts on the branches as if they were “growing” hearts… until I had my own little love bouquet ^_^


Then, I cut up some spare pieces of paper into strips (like 1/2 inch thick) and wrote notes on them before wrapping them around the stems of the branches.

The point of this is to give it to your love or someone you want to make smile all the time and tell them either nice things, give them “coupons” for happy things, or whatever. Something like this:


Or like…


So if they are down or want a smile or just… need a reminder, they can pluck off a note and get that smile. OR they can be greedy and get all of the notes at once! Their choice.

End result:


I had that milk jug and those rocks already (I’m sure you have something in your house you can display it with also!).

It doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day (I personally don’t care for a day that basically says “TODAY you must love your significant other AND show them and the world just how much money you will spend on them to have the same crap as everyone else”. lol, I’m not cynical, I promise… I just think EVERY day that love should be celebrated, but I digress) ^_^ . You can make this for just because, as well! You could add light weight candies also, glitter, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Get creative when you tell people how you feel. typical things are nice also, but when you put effort and thought into gifts (and they come from the heart), they really do mean so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!