UtopYACon = YAY! (& a Giveaway!!)


So… I dont technically leave for UtopYA until Thursday morning, but I am totally ready for it. I’m honestly waiting on ONE last thing to come in the mail. Super adorable ninja bracelets!! I ordered them almost three weeks ago. UGHHHH! I HOPE they come tomorrow as I will leave well before the mail arrives the following day… or I will have to leave without them! *nervous glare at the mailbox* Dang it, mailman! BEND TO MY WILL! *cough* Oh… where was I? Oh yeah…

ninja bracelets


What if THESE bracelets ^^^^^ Don’t make it on time!? I will CRY!

ANYWAY! lol… Bags are packed and I have 70 books (Bluffing the Devil, Grip of Mortality, Truth Seeker, Best Thing I Never Had AND Heart of War are all coming with me!), 400 bookmarks (sent out more than 50 to a few blogs and friends and then kept some for peeps when I return), my banner, some super cute (to me) fans for…. the fans..lol, and all of my con-goodness is waiting by the door for #UtopYAcon I’m so excitedddddd. Who gets the first snuggle pounce? (After Starla, naturally… since she will be here tomorrow! EEP!)



How pretty is my new book-baby Heart of War? Also… HUGE BONUS is: E.R. Rada was amazing enough to sign these for us, too! 😮 YAY!!  So these 24 copies (I kept one for myself :p haha) will be dually-signed copies! YAY!


What part of UtopYA are y’all most excited for?  I get to be with my #Fierce5 sisters and I’m DYING with anticipation!! Starla, Sarah, Chele, and I will have to cause enough ruckus to compensate for the fact that Mindy will not be there. We are sad and will miss her (of course), but since she is going to be in Finland… we can’t be TOO upset. I mean, UtopYA is amazing, but… Finland has:

fin_auroraRight. Aurora Borealis. And I’ve never seen it from Finland, so.. *cries*

But… I digress! lol

I also get to see my sister from another mister, Inger Iversen! *dies* As well as my soul twin, Ren Reidy! And my girls from Girls *Heart* Books (Allana and Melissa!) And SO many other amazing people… *dies of excitement* (please don’t feel slighted if I didn’t mention you, my brain is sizzling with UtopYA awesomeness and.. well.. I can’t think properly right now between all the squees!)

Speaking of all of these amazing people I will see… Make sure you come snuggle me or at least say hi! (*side note* If you aren’t “close” with me or don’t recognize my name – click here to see my face… or here to become my friend! UtopYA = family!)

Inger, Starla, and a few other authors and I put together a little giveaway for day 1 of UtopYA:

UtopYA giveaway-page-001

Make sure y’all come to Area 51.5 (table 11) to see meeeee! ❤

So… for each book you buy from any of us, you get a ticket into the raffle for an awesome prize… that I really wish I could just have. :p LOL! If you buys 2 books, you get 3 tickets. 3 books, 5 tickets… 🙂 See how that works? So… buy books, get a chance to win epicness. That is all ❤



(Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to take a good photo of my banner?… Oh… its not flat… gotcha.. haha >.< But… pretty still!)


I’m certain I will take 2 zillion pictures at UtopYA (give or take a few hundred thousand). My trust assistant (my kiddo) is in charge of photos while I’m busy, so.. you never know what he will capture though he is planning a bunch of “selfies and snuggles”… so.. get ready! He’s a snuggle-ninja and if he sets his sights on you, it’s over. hehe



He’s OFFICIAL! lol


Uhmmmmmmm…. I can’t make more words. UtopYA.. 2 days. *squee* See you then!!!! XOXOXOX