Abroad by Christine James & Amelia Cole ~ COVER REVEAL



Best friends Avery and Nina have just graduated from college and are stunned when Avery’s parents gift them with an all-expenses paid, eight amazing week trip through Europe. It’s their last chance to be completely carefree before the responsibility of adulthood consumes their lives. Setting out on an epic adventure, they have no idea that with every country they visit their friendship will begin to unravel. While one is busy running from her past, the other is searching for her future. Will they let distractions pull them apart? Will their friendship survive one amazing summer . . . Abroad?


~About the Authors ~

Amelia Cole and Christine James could not be more different than night and day. With over a thousand miles between them, culturally they have almost nothing in common and their backgrounds lie in striking contrast. Christine is a typical Midwestern girl more comfortable in boots and playing hard with her brothers, while Amelia is more reserved in her New England roots.

However, with a few clicks of the mouse, in 2008, that all changed. The girls met in a writing group on a social media site. Although they have only met in person twice, they speak every day through one form of communication or another. This comfortable, daily routine has both built and cemented their relationship into much more than just a friendship and their differences only bring them closer.

Their love of writing and storytelling has been a huge brick in the foundation of their friendship and they often discuss their current projects or ideas, giving advice and seeking help when stymied by a storyline or difficult character. Despite two completely different writing styles, they finally decided to undertake a project together. These new characters are a blending of both women; the good, bad and ugly!

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