Monday ROCKS: Lessons from a 10-year old

Tonight’s lesson is from a 10 year old boy, my son.


You’re welcome in advanced.


Last week, as we walked to the bus stop at 7:15, it was still dark (yay winter!) but I could see that he was nervous. I asked if he was okay, he said he was, we kept walking. I was a little nervous because he’s at a new school and has had a problem with bullies in the past, so.. I felt I needed to push a bit. When we got to the bottom of the hill, I asked again and said “no secrets, love.” So it goes,
Him: Mondays upset me.


Me: Oh! Its just another day, baby. The beginning of the week. You woke up today! YAY!

Him: I know, I am blessed every day, but people dwell on that one day like its the end of the world. Its so annoying. They all have attitudes and for what?

Me: Because they don’t want to get up early, go to work or school, etc.

Him: At least they have jobs, school, something to do with their life and time. Why can’t people appreciate those things?

Me: It’s easier to be grumpy about stuff.. ’cause everyone else is like UGH MONDAY!

Him: So, because one person does it, everyone thinks its okay to complain? I feel sorry for sheeple, mom. Seriously. Form your own opinion for goodness sake. Appreciate life and enjoy your day. People make themselves miserable.

Me: Yes, well, you do have a point there.

Him: You’ve always taught me to live every moment. They should be happy they get to see Monday. So they have a schedule. Oooh! End of the world! You have responsibility. Suck it up. We all have it and it’s going to be like that for life. There’s no reason to be a jerk. Get over yourself. UGH!

Me: You sound all grown up. I’m proud of you for that attitude. Just don’t let people worry you. YOU enjoy your day and learn lots and then come home and we will hang out.

Him: Their parents teach them that crap, you know?

Me: Yep, I know.

Him: Its like they pre-plan when they are going to be in a grouchy mood. Maybe if enough people say “Monday ROCKS!” and go to work or school or wherever and carry a good attitude with them, THAT would catch on and be the new normal. What do you think?

Me: I think it’s a tall order to fill, but a beautiful bit of wishful thinking. All we can do is focus on us and OUR attitudes.

Him: Well, you always have a nice Monday because you get to write and do your thing, then we get to snuggle and play, then you get to work again… wait, geez. You work a lot. Why aren’t you grouchy more often?

Me: Because I was blessed to wake up today, silly. *hug* And because I love to write and the work I do makes me happy.

Him: That’s the ticket, mom. We need to get people to do more things that make them happy so they can stop feeling sorry for themselves.

(I see the bus coming) Me: Here comes the bus. Are you okay now?

Him: Yes, ma’am. I’m just still confused on why everyone needs to be cranky, but I am going to just go around smiling and doing nice things for people until someone else has a good day, too. One person at a time. We got this! *high fives me*

Me: Yep, that’s the spirit, baby. I love you. Have a great day!

Him: *kisses me* I love you, too. Thanks for nagging me to talk. I feel better for real. See you later. *runs off to meet his friends to board the bus*

On my walk back up to the house, I just smiled with a giant gush of pride. I know the world isn’t perfect and I know that some people are just aggravated to have to deal with their dead-end jobs, unappreciative bosses, tons of homework, ridiculous co-workers/classmates, lack of sleep, etc… but… the POINT of this is: our attitude determines our day and the day of those around us. Because so many of us are whining, complaining, and grouchy because the new week has rolled around or we are just so used to being “BLAH” about the new week, we lose sight in the fact that each day is a blessing. We forget that WE are the CEOs of our lives. WE choose how we feel about things and we teach our children and everyone around us that it’s okay and “normal” to be that way. Well, I’m sorry but that is just not how I want my week to begin or how I want my life to be, so… I’m changing that. Starting now!

Point: Monday ROCKS (if you let it). So… let it!

I challenge you to start each day with a smile on your face, some pep in your step, and a plan for greatness.



Have an amazing week! Love and Snuggles, CLF