Blood Rule Playlist and a GIVEAWAY! (Heather Hildenbrand)


Blood Rule (book 4 in the Dirty Blood series) playlist:

Here’s a rundown of the songs I wrote and plotted to—and WHY I love them for Blood Rule. Teasers included but no spoilers!!!!

Some Nights by Fun

I’ve loved this song for Blood Rule since the moment I first heard it. It was Fall of 2012 and I’d just finished Blood Bond (book 3) so I was making notes for book 4, loose plotting, that sort of thing, and this song came on and I was like “YES! This is book 4!” It’s about fighting for a cause or a way of life and questioning who you are and what you believe in enough to sacrifice for. And having people around you who can make you forget all the bad for a while. It’s #1 on the playlist.

Never Say Never by The Fray

“Some things we don’t talk about. Rather do without. Just hold a smile…. Fallin in and out of love…”

The lyrics for this song make me think of an “elephant in the room” situation, which is exactly what Tara and Wes are dealing with in Blood Rule by not talking about Alex or Tara’s choice. It definitely affects their relationship but they still love each other through dealing or NOT dealing with it all. What happens? You have to read and find out!

Overjoyed by Matchbox Twenty

“You’re scared you’ll be let down. Are you cryin’ when there’s no one around. If you hold me, baby, let me come over. I will tell you secrets nobody knows. I cannot overstate it. I will be overjoyed.”

This is how Tara feels about Alex. At the end of Blood Bond/beginning of Blood Rule, he is stuck somewhere between living and dying and she is desperate for him to live. She cannot lose him. He has become much more than the third point in a love triangle.

(I can’t tell what happens!!!! READ IT and find out!!!!)


Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

This song is so sweet and romantic. Like Wes and Tara. Sometimes a kiss fixes everything. And Wes and Tara’s relationship could be described as a slow dance, which is what this song is.

Wanted by Hunter Hayes

Another romantic one. There was a lot of that going on for Blood Rule. I think it was more important in this one because so much “bad” has happened and the characters really start to focus on the small moments of tenderness or comfort and figure out how important it is to appreciate the people you care about while you have them. Tara is really scared she’s going to lose Alex so she thinks about being grateful for who she has. **She DOES lose someone but I can’t tell who!!!

All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers

This one was about being able to feel loved or worthy of love even after what you think is a bad past or doing something horrible. It’s about forgiving yourself or letting others forgive you. Hmm. Now WHO feels like they need forgiveness after book 3???


Killer by Plain White T’s

This one was on the playlist for Blood Bond (book 3) too. It’s so good, I carried it over. It’s just PERFECT for this whole series. The singer is asking if they’re lover would still love/want them and even support them if they did … whatever. “How bad would I have to be?” (… to make you stop lovin me?)

Howlin For You by The Black Keys & Postcards from Far Away by Coldplay

Both of these also carried over from the playlist for Blood Bond. Again, perfect song choices for the entire series. Howlin’ For You actually makes me think more of Derek and maybe his song to Cambria than anyone else. It’s jumpy and punchy and feels like his personality. Postcards from Far Away is more an ode to the fact that they are all always leaving, it seems. Or running. Or hiding. Never sitting still.

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