Definition of Me ~ Contest!

Over on Facebook, as Sierra Sofia, I posted a contest asking my fans:  “How do YOU see yourself?” If you were to describe yourself to someone else, would you focus on the negative or the positive? Do you describe yourself as “stringy haired” or would you say “silky hair”? Do you SEE negative when you see yourself? I certainly hope not! We are all God’s children and, well, I’ve seen my fans list… you guys are gorgeous!

The contest is called “Definition of Me” and I asked my fans to post a picture on my Facebook wall of the ONE THING that defines them. Along with the picture, I asked that they say WHY that defines them and what they love most about themselves. Now, I am posting them here for YOU guys to vote on! All you have to do is leave a comment here about which one you think I am going to save them as they come in and then post them all together and have the fans vote on which one is the best/most significant.

The contest was inspired by a completely insane friend of mine (hehe) AND the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video about how you see yourself. If you haven’t seen that, you can check that out, it’s amazing!


Here was my example for the contest. If I were in the contest.. this would be my entry!

2 christys final b

This is one of my tattoos. It is a calligraphy lotus (that stands for rebirth & strength. Lotus flowers grow IN mud and gunk and rise toward the light to bloom into a beautiful flower) with the Kanji for “bushido” (way of the warrior – because, I’m a freakin’ FIGHTER in all aspects of life!). VERY fitting and one of my fave tattoos. That’s ME!

And now… I want YOU, the fans, to vote on who has the best photo/definition. The winner will get signed Sierra Sofia bookmarks and their name (or a name of their choosing) will be featured in my next story.

The contestants/entries are below. I am sharing their pictures and their definitions/descriptions. Please vote at the end!


~ Karla ~

“My family. It defines me because my Family is the best thing about me. I was sold by my mother, only a prize to my father. I wanted family that would love me as desperately as I love them. They are my reason for living. It’s also why I feel incomplete now since my youngest daughter no longer wants anything to do with us. Many tell me its a phase she will get over but to me it’s another rejection. I am not complete without all the parts that make me, me.”



~ Brittany ~

“Everyone goes through rough things in life. It’s how that situation is handled that defines a person. I will never personally Find my self “beautiful” however I accept everything in my life good or bad and try and better myself based on the circumstances. I am a dreamer and see everything two different ways. When you read the poem I have depending how you see things you will see its written one way or another. The win was within.. Or the ruin was within.”



~ Jaime ~

“That’s my fire/water YinYang I got a few years ago as a celebration of finishing my first year of college. Being in my 30’s, and with 2 children at home, (see tattoo on right, my kids names) it was rough going. The Fire/Water represents how struggling with things in life makes you a stronger person. It’s harmony. I had a rough start, and now I’m a college graduate. I never planned on having kids, yet I ended up pregnant. Now my son is 15 and my daughter is 8. I tried for 7 years to have her, and couldn’t . So I gave up. Then she showed up 😀 We all have to struggle in life, and the end is the reward. We can handle anything. OR…it could be the good girl side of me and the evil whore side of me…you pick lol!!!”



~ Marie ~

“This photo shows a lot of who I am n what ppl kno about me one my lovely red hair n sexy blue eyes n a daddy’s girl.. The one thing it doesn’t show is on that day is I got closure for something that was bad mistake on my part but also made me stronger n realize no matter what family will always have your back….I believe the good in ppl til proven wrong n respect n love n protect my friends ♥ oh n for bonus points Sierra ur hot girl bahahhaha ♥”



~ Eric ~

They say the yes are a window into ones soul. I have to agree. My eyes will tell you everything I’ve seen and endured. All the good and bad life has given me as well as the resilience and steadfastness of a man who refuses to give up. My eyes will show you what is on my heart and can speak greater volumes than my words alone.



~ Mira ~

“Bad pic but this is me! To Live laugh and Love that is all i want out of life! HMM!”



 ~ Tarnya ~

“ok ,i will let you all something this is hard for me as i do have very poor self esteem ,i have dyslexia. i could not read till i was 18 yrs old , and even thou i wanted to have help to over come my troubles i couldnt get then help i needed with been in and out of care and past to foster carer to foster carer ,so when i was 18 i meet my hubbie and he give me the support i needed to try ,with in a yr i worked very hard and could read as good as anyone else thats when my love of reading and book happen and for the last 10 yrs that all i have wanted to do is read book after book ,people dont understand why reading so important to me , to me reading a book is the most best gift i could have as well as my 2 baby girls and my hubbie ,they are what makes me ,ME ,yes i still have a long way to go ,i can read the same as other people now ,but my spelling is still a problem , as no matter how much i see a word my brain will not store the spelling of it so i find selling really hard but i am getting there i will keep trying and maybe one day i can over come this to fingers crossed x”



~ Heather ~

I chose this photos because I am a photographer of boudoir photos and I like to think I look this sexy when I shoot!



~ Brenda ~

“These six books define who I am. When someone told me that my writing was a nice hobby, but I’d never pay the bills with it, I went right ahead and became a published author. These pages, when combined, offer a picture of myself- of who I am. I am a mother, a friend, a daughter, a wife. A fighter, a lover, a wild child, and a homebody. I’m currently writing a new series, and it, too, will have reflections of myself within its pages, but not nearly as much as this series does.”



~ David ~

My broad shoulders.
They are strong and can hold a lot of weight. I carry things, people, jobs, an causes.

I see myself as an overweight little fireplug who doesn’t stop.



~ Krystal ~

“This is the tattoo on the back of my neck. I got it because it best describes me and the struggles I’ve faced. I went from a scared shy young girl with no self-esteem who was seriously depressed, suicide, cutting, anorexia, to a grown women who doesn’t care what others think of me anymore and am so happy with life and love myself unconditionally. I now always try to find the good in life and banish the negative. Like butterfly’s. they start as caterpillars and grown into something beautiful. :)”



~ Valerie ~

“When I was thinking about this, and what “defines” me, I thought…hm, i’m “indefinable” by any one thing! I am a whole prism of defining things…but then I thought about it more, and there is something that does define me. I couldn’t say this a year ago, but, well, it’s not a year ago anymore, is it? I suppose this picture might seem morbid. But this…this is it. I am a mother who buried her 20 year old son. I am the mother of children who lost a brother, and wife to a man who also lost his child. On the day that I was told that my missing baby duck was a floater, in a playa lake, in the middle of a city, my entire life changed. And yes, it was…is…will always be a defining factor. Now I am a woman who survived the worst heartbreak, and even though every day of the rest of my life will have a shadow of sorrow lurking nearby, I know that we can still experience love and peace and joy. I am a woman who was sleep walking through life, and then was painted a vivid, sharp edged picture of reality. There really might not be a tomorrow. “The end of the world” could happen for any one of us at any time. The borders of my comfort zone were excessively breached when my son died…and there has been no looking back! In the past 10.5 months, I have done so many things far outside of my comfort zone…for Joey, because of Joey, because I know every moment must be lived until there are no more moments. And, it’s changed me spiritually…I look forward to seeing my baby again in another life. What does this have to do with what I “love” about myself? I am strong, but I know when to “let go and let” a higher power, i’v escaped my self imposed prison, and i’v learned that after the initial (sometimes extreme!) discomfort, that the hardest things bring the most satisfaction and reward.”



~ Victoria ~

“I used to have a certain feature of my body I liked. Whether it was my hair, smile, my bomb ass butt, or whatever else I chose. But after having a lot of changes in my life, I noticed that all of those things can change instantly. From chemo, my hair fell out, due to weight loss, my favorite body parts weren’t so bomb anymore, so I learned to reach deeper. Everything on the outside has the potential to change. So I have decided that my dope personality defines me. I won’t brag so I’ll let my bomb ass friends tell you ;)”



 ~Mykky ~

“I have an oral fixation and my mouth is sexy”



~ Barbara ~

“okay you were asking for it 😉 I’ve seen beautiful pictures here. And I am almost “ashamed” that mine is so plain boring.. lol  But this is who I am, what defines me (and no, I am not cheating, because you are a writer): READING. Since I laid eyes on my first book when I was 3 years old, I cannot put them down. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is one of the greatest gifts god has given us. My Dad used a saying when I was a kid which influenced my whole life: no one can take away what’s in your head (roughly translated from German). So what defines me? My will to learn, to read stories, to see different places, to meet different people, to explore the world!”



~ Laura ~

“I love snuzzling with a good book, coffee in the mornings, my love for my children and grandchildren. I advocate for children with special needs, I have had a lot of loss and death in my life, but remain to keep strong and look for the positives in my life. I am currently working on a book about grief, and what it was like for me to go through, and also a book of poetry. I love nature and my daughters call me the female version of Francis of Assissi. I am sensitive and have a big huge heart. I help the less unfortunate, most times in secret. I maybe hurting inside, but will plant a smile on my face, just to see others smile. I am a mother of seven children, and adore my 4 grandchildren. Animals and children seem to flock to me. I think this is a good summation of what describes me.”




“What defines me…. mmmm… there’s so much I could tell, but I’ll start with what changed me the most…. seven years ago, my parents left to Mexico, it was hard to run a home on my own, but I learned the responsibility of it, I was working and had to take the bus to go to work and then take it again to go back home, even if it took me an hour on the bus each time, about a year after that, we lost our grandma and four months later, go lost our brother in law, five months after that, we lost our home and had to move in with my boyfriend, (now husband), I felt lost and it was very depressing but he.helped me find my strength again, I’ve never been a quitter, tho the last few years have been kicking my ass, I still get up and try with all my might. Two years ago, I became the mother of a beautiful red head little girl and since then, I have the privilege of knowing the joys of a mother old and yes now I am 30 and still don’t know how to drive a car, but I hope soon I will learn and go crazy, without killing myself in the process lol, I’ve been working from home, making jewelry, I love listening to music out loud, some of my favorites are country and at times, I enjoy watching a good Bollywood movie, ( I know it might sound a bit weird cause I hardly understand their language hehe), but I love it, especially their music and dancing, I love to draw fairies and butterflies, I love to crochet hats, scarves, headbands, just made a page for everyone to check out, Bellita Love, and my latest enjoyment is reading and writing a story of my own, thinking of calling it Sweet Bites of Heaven, hope one day.everyone will know why that name hehe… well, here’s a bit of me, was kinda hard to confess some things, but being honest is the best part of me, together with my sensitivity and my caring like hell for everyone, I also think my weight loss journey says a lot about me, still have around 60 lbs to lose, my biggest motivation is my daughter, cause.she needs me to be strong, thank you everyone for letting me share this, it means a lot”



~ Catherine ~

“I have thought long a hard to try and find the one thing that defines me as a person. The thing is, we grow and change every day, so the things that define us change too. Sometimes there is a significant event in our lives that changes us forever and I think this is the thing that truly speaks volumes about who I am and what now defines me as a person. It’s not an easy thing to share, but I find that when I do it often helps others in its own way. If my story can help someone to fine strength in their life somehow, then my loss and my journey was not in vain. My picture is of my precious baby boy at his 27 week 4D scan. My baby boy that never made it into the world to take his first breath as he was sadly born sleeping at 42 weeks. My precious Angel is called Matthew Robert. He was born on the 11th August 2010 and he is missed beyond measure every single day. I never thought I was a strong person until we lost Matthew and then from somewhere deep inside this precious little boy gave me a strength I never knew existed. To lose someone so precious before you’ve even been given the chance to get to know them is beyond anything I can put into words. You truly feel like giving up on life, but you can’t, you have people who love and depend on you. My oldest Son needed me and I was not going to let him down. So I looked to my little Angel to give me the strength to carry on and I believe he did and still does, every day. He made me realise how much we wanted to grow our family and although it was so very scary, just over a year after his loss we were pregnant again. Each day was a battle, but I always looked to the heavens and knew Matthew would be watching over us all. I now have a third precious little boy who was born on 5th July 2012. I will never know why Matthew was taken from us the way he was, and I shall sadly never see him grow up and become the man I hoped he would be one day, but I do know that he brought a family closer together and gave me the strength to endure so much more in life. Nothing can ever be worse than his loss and when I do feel at my worst, I remember that if I can get through that pain and still be able to smile and live my life and look to the future, then I have the strength to get through anything. He will always be my precious Guardian Angel and the brightest star in the sky and the one thing that will define me for the rest of my life to come.”



~ Leslie ~

“I used to hate my red hair when I was a kid because it made me different. Now I love my red hair because it makes me different. It defines me ♥”



~ Mallory ~

“This is a picture of what defines me. In no way do I mean this in a negative context at all, although some of the inspiration did stem from negative and nightmarish situations. I have been sort of “lost” my entire life,since pre-school. We moved around a lot, I wasn’t allowed or encouraged to have friends, with everything in a constant flux I felt Lost. Lost through the cracks in life, I didn’t know who I was or wanted to be, I never thought that I’d have a future living past 25 never crossed my mind. I had no plans and nothing but I do have some awesome family members (my grandma whose not really my grandma has a pepsi cola tattoo on my back) that live in Va and anytime I went to visit even still I know in my soul that I’m home and as long as I talk to Kristen(my cousin) I’ll always be able to be found. So we got matching tattoos a couple years ago on our collar bones so when we stand together Im Lost and she’s Found (their both in the same script). Since in every tough situation she’s always been the one to support me. Lost to me symbolizes where I’ve been, where I’ll probably find myself again and all those moments in-between when I decide to try for something more. To remind me that I do have a future since I’ve made it so far already and that no one is ever truly Lost. You can always be found. ♥”


Please vote for your favorite. You can vote due to picture, description, gut feeling, name, whatever you like. The point of this contest was to get people to look within and realize that you are ALL beautiful no matter your age, size, past, present, health, place in the world.. etc… you are amazing and strong and seeing that at least 20 people had the guts to say “THIS defines me!” just makes my heart happy inside!


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